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Competitive Gymnastics

The competitive pathway is an invitation-only program suitable for gymnasts aged 4 years and older.At this level, gymnasts are to commit minimum hours as recommended by coaches. Coaches will provide gymnasts with a progressive pathway through the Australian & Singapore Program (Level 2–6)

Recreational Gymnastics

Our Recreational gymnastics classes are for children 2 to 16. Children are grouped by age as benchmark and ability. Despite not being a competitive program, we take our gymnastics very seriously and ensure that gymnasts are learning proper techniques to make gymnastics fun and safe for them. Classes are always fun and incorporate circuits to ensure that the gymnasts are constantly active and engaged. 

Balancing Beam
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Our gymnastics camps are catered to all levels of gymnastics background from beginner to advanced. Gymnasts will indulge in various gymnastics-based games & activities and take away a new skill home!

*Suitable for ages 4 years and above

High Focus

This is a community program where we assist children with special needs by introducing the ABCs of physical literacy through enjoyable, challenging and progressive experience at the children's phase in a small group of 1:5 ratio.

A chance for the tiny tots to roam, climb, jump, and more! From 9.30am to 12.30pm every Wednesday and Friday, come and have a morning of fun in our gym, and make full use of our facilities and equipments!

Designed to instil the basic fundamentals of gymnastics – you will have a chance to use all apparatus (vault, beam, floor, trampoline, etc.) so get ready to explore the basic movement and patterns of gymnastics (also sometimes, a muscle you didn't know exist!).

Exclusive use of the entire gymnasium (coach-guided) for 2 hours. Dedicated party area and eating area are provided. This is inclusive of 1 GIM Sports coach and 1 party host.

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