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Coach Dania, or affectionately called Coach D by her gymnasts, graduated from Politeknik Muadzam Shah, Malaysia with a Diploma in Print Media Technology in Graphic Design.

She began coaching as a Lead Coach for the developmental team and Head Coach for the Beginner group at Garden International School. In Malaysia, Coach Dania held a position of Gym Assistant Manager while at the same time coach gymnasts from the Advanced Recreational to the Competitive team for 3 years.

In her free time, Coach Dania participates in WSF (Women's Social Football) for football, and UM fighter for MMA which she enjoys. As a believer of adopting best practices with the sporting values she experienced in WSF and UM in mind, Coach Dania makes it a point to impart and apply them towards her gymnasts and their training.

Despite portraying a strict facade, Coach Dania is a welcoming and well respected coach. One of her favourite words in class, "Don't worry, I'm always here", helps the gymnasts relax and stay calm when executing their skills.


Politeknik Muadzam Shah

Diploma in Print Media Technology in Graphic Design

Malaysia Gymnastics

Basic Tumbling Gymnastics

SIRKIT (Artistic Gymnastics National Youth)

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