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Recreational Gymnastics 

Classes are suitable for ages 2 and up


Ages 2–3

This is a program for experiential learners. They will be working on social and gross motor skills. The class is filled with visual and auditory cues to make it fun and exciting for the little one.


Ages 4–6

Gymnasts will be learning the ABCs of physical literacy through enjoyable, challenging and progressive experiences. The program focuses on basic movement skills of agility, balance and coordination as well as the physical abilities of speed and strength using their own body weight.


Ages 7–11

The focus of this program is acquiring basic skills whilst fostering and enduring love for the sport. Gymnasts will be exposed to a broad range of skills. The general physical abilities of endurance, flexibility, strength and light plyometric will be a huge part of the program.


Ages 12 over

The focus of this program is acquiring key skills whilst enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Gymnasts will be refining basic skills and work on more focused discipline-specific skills. Gymnasts are encouraged to come twice a week.

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