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Coach Fan

Coach Fan Yi Bin was the Head Coach at Shijiaxhuang Sports School in China, as well as Raffles Institution (RI) before becoming a coach at GIM Sports. He has groomed numerous gymnasts into the Singapore National Team with gymnasts like Coach Martyn and Coach Aizat under his tutelage.

Coach Fan's sincerity and belief in his gymnasts can be felt throughout the gym. His fairness and willingness to coach gymnasts no matter their capabilities is a testament to how amazing Coach Fan is.

Coach Fan coordinates with the Down Syndrome Association of Singapore(DSA) to ensure the gymnasts in the High Focus program receive proper care and guidance under his supervision.

Coach Fan adopts a firm and no nonsense approach towards his gymnasts and has paid off with exceptional results.


Singapore Gymnastics

Coach at CHIJ Kellock & Ai Tong Primary

Coach at St Joseph's Institution 

Coach at Raffles Institution (RI)


National Coaching Accreditation Program

NCAP Level 1

China Gymnastics 

Head Coach at Shijiaxhuang Sports School 

Degree in Physical Education Specialty (China Hebei Sports University)

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