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A graduate from University of Sterling in Sports Business Management, an avid football fan, coffee buddy with Coach Fan and a Manchester United bestie with Coach Radin, Coach Paul is the mitochondria to GIMSports' operation.

On weekday mornings, his time is filled with our preschool program bringing gymnastics and our FitKidz Multi-Sports program to the young learners in the comfort of their own campus.

Coach Paul's recent dive into gymnastics started in 2021 when he joined GIMSports and he has been loving it, so much so that he participates in the Adult Gymnastics classes too! Ever since then, he knows that the only way to life is doing them upside down.

During his free time, Coach Paul gets busy in the gym at Anytime Fitness to keep up his fitness level and on days his photographer friends need him, Coach Paul is also pretty suave in front of the camera! His last feature was with Levi's Singapore!


University of Sterling (UK)

BA (Hons) Sports Business Management (2nd Class, Upper Division)

Republic Polytechnic

Diploma in Sports & Exercise Sciences

Singapore Gymnastics

Singapore Coach Excellence Programme - Fundamentals of Gymnastics Level 1A

Singapore Coach Excellence Programme - Kindergym Level 1B (Technical)

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