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Coach Wee

Recreational Coach

Interacting with children has been one of Wee Chuan's areas of interests and expertise. To be able to coach these students is an opportunity and is also a lesson in return for her, as she imports her extensive knowledge of gymnastics to the children and continues to learn from them as well. 

Coaching gymnastics, is more than just that. To Coach Wee, it is instilling confidence in each child, the values she imports to them and also being able to understand the children better.

A teacher is not just a teacher but also someone that they can trust and rely on. In this journey, her main objective is fr the students to enjoy gymnastics, to appreciate the beauty and find joy in all sports. 


Singapore Gymnastics 

Building Leadership Capacity of Women in Sports Conference Singapore 2017 – WAG Workshop 

Singapore American School 

Singapore Gymnastics 

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Coaching Experience 

WAG Recreational coach at Singapore American School (SAS)