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Interacting with children has been one of Coach Wee's areas of interests and expertise. She utilises the gymnastics sessions as an opportunity to impart her extensive knowledge of gymnastics to the children and, as she goes, continue to learn from the little ones.

For Coach Wee, her beliefs lie in instilling confidence in each child, allowing them to feel like an achiever through appropriate skill-learning and pushing them to be brave and challenge them towards drills that are a level up yet safe.

Coach Wee's approachable mannerism and caring nature encourages little gymnasts and parents to feel comfortable with her and trust her and her directives with their skill development. In this journey, her main objective for the gymnasts is to enjoy gymnastics, appreciate and find joy in its beauty. 

Adding charisma to her sweet and loving personality, Coach Wee also enjoys a good Muay Thai session!


Singapore Gymnastics 

Building Leadership Capacity of Women in Sports Conference Singapore 2017 – WAG Workshop

Singapore Coach Excellence Program - Fundamentals of Gymnastics Level 1A

Coaching Experience 

WAG Recreational Coach at Singapore American School (SAS)

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