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Coach Hanna set out on her fruitful gymnastics career at the tender young age of 2. After years of rigorous training with various international coaches, she eventually competed as an elite gymnast at the FIG Junior Level with incredible drive and determination. 

As an early childhood educator, Coach Hanna manages her schedule juggling between school, football training, and coaching GIM Sports. Through her enjoyable training sessions, she hopes to pass on her in-depth knowledge to all gymnasts as they continuously develop their passion for the sport.

Evident to her group of competing gymnasts, Coach Hanna hopes for all gymnasts to work well together and remain strongly ambitious. Coach Hanna wholeheartedly believes in maintaining an encouraging relationship with all of the gymnasts.

If unicorns and fairy god-coaches are real, Coach Hanna will be proof of their existence.


Singapore Gymnastics

Singapore Coach Excellence Programme - Fundamentals of Gymnastics Level 1A

Singapore Coach Excellence Programme - Intermediate Coaching

National Registry of Coaches

NROC Member

Competitive Experience

1st Singapore Gymnastics National Championships – 1st IAA (2009)

State Championships in Western Australia – 1st IAA (2009)

19th Annual Prime Invitational Competition – 1st IAA (2010)

Singapore Open Gymnastics Championships 

– 1st IAA (2011), 1st IAA (2012) & 1st IAA (2013) 

– Singapore Junior Level – 1st BB & 3rd Floor (2014)

8th Singapore Gymnastics National Championships – 1st BB & 3rd IAA (2016)

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