Recreational Gymnastics Program

Our Recreational gymnastics classes are for children age 2 to 16. Children are grouped by age and ability. Despite not being a competitive program, we take out gymnastics very seriously and ensure that gymnasts are learning proper techniques to make gymnastics fun and safe for them.  Classes are always fun and incorporate circuits to ensure that the gymnasts are constantly active and engaged. 

Waddler Gym

Waddler Gym is a program for experiential learners. They will be working on social and gross motor kills. The class is filled with visual and auditory ques to make it fun and exciting for the little one

Kinder Gym

Gymnasts will be learning the ABCs of physical literacy through enjoyable, challenging and progressive experiences. The program focuses on basic movement skills of agility, balance and coordination as well as the phycial abilities of speed and strength using their own body weight.

Junior Gym

The focus of this program is aquring basic skills whilst fostering and enduring love for the sport. Gymnasts will be exposed to a broad range of skills. The general physical abilities of endurance, flexibility, strength and light plyometric will be a huge part of the program

Senior Gym

The focus of this program is aquring key skills whilst enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Gymnasts will be refining basic skills and work on more focused discipline-specific skills. Gymnasts are encouraged to come twice a week.

Other gymnastics program

Play Gym

Play Gym is an open gym program where toddlers can come in to use our space. This program is very popular with younger gymnasts from 1 to 5 years old! Need a play date idea for your little ones? Look no further, we've got you covered!

High Focus

This is a community program where we assist children with special need introducing the ABCs of physical literacy through enjoyable, challenging and progressive experience at the children's phase in a small group of 1:5 ratio. 

Adult Gymnastics

Designed to instill the basic fundamentals of gymnastics – you will have a chance to use all of the apparatus (vault, beam, floor, trampoline, etc). So get ready to explore the basic movements and patterns of gymnastics!