Q&A: It's my first gymnastics class. What should I wear/bring?

- Wear appropriate sports attire and water bottle. (eg: shorts / t-shirts / leotards)


Q&A: How do I get to Grandstand?

- You could take a shuttle bus from Sixth Ave MRT / Botanic Garden or Tan Kah Kee or walk from Sixth Avenue about 10-15 Min.


Q&A: How do I get to GIM Sports?

- We are located in The Grandstand level 4. Lift No. 6 (Near Dancing Crab public toilet Level4) / Lift No. 5 (Beside Boost Level 5)


Q&A: Where is the best place to park my car?

- You can park in the North Carpark or South Carpark.


Q&A: Why do I need to book a trial class?

- We practice 1:8 ratio due to safety and we accept maximum 3 trials per class as we prioritize our classes for our members.


Q&A: Can I watch my child during her class?

- Yes, you may. As we have a waiting area for the parents while waiting.


Q&A: Photos & Videography.

- You are allowed to take photos only of your child, without flash but no Videography is allowed.


Q&A: How early can I come to my class?

- You are allowed to come as early as 10 min before the class.


Q&A: Why do I need to call in advance for make-up?

- We advise you to call in advance as we prioritize our classes for our member on the day that you arrange for make-up. Also for safety & quality purposes.


Q&A: My child is new to gymnastics, what is the best class for him/her?

- We will schedule your child's class according to your child's age. The coaches will feedback at the end of the class whether your child needs any change of classes.


Q&A: My child is going away due to the school holiday break. How do we go about this?

- We allow 2 make-up classes within a  term. Special classes where you need more sessions please approach the admin for approval.


Q&A: My child can only come in halfway through the term. How will the payment be like?

- Upon availability, you can come on ad-hoc prices at a premium price.


Q&A: My child is injured and will need to be out of gymnastics for x sessions. How do we go about this?

- We will need a proof of medical certificate from the clinic/hospital. We will make special arrangement for the remaining classes.


Q&A: Do you have a referral program?

- YES! Please refer to our website.



If a trial/class booking has been made, any change or cancellation must be done at least  8 hours from the session.

In the unlikely event a class is canceled or changed by GIM Sports, we will rebook  a session at a mutually convenient time


Q&A: Can I refund when my child doesn't like the program halfway?

- There is strictly no refunds for programs.


Q&A: Can I collect back my deposit?

- We do not collect deposits. Do take that, it is the Lifetime Time Non-Refundable Registration Fee.